1. Any person can become a Member of the Roxborough Agricultural Society by paying the sum of $5 to the Treasurer on or before the Exhibition Day.

2. No dogs permitted on the grounds except for service dogs.

3. All cattle and horses are to be securely tied.

4. Exhibits must be removed from the Exhibition Hall between 4:00 and 4:30 Sunday afternoon (not before or after). Articles not picked up during this time are not the responsibility of the Roxborough Agricultural Society. Prize monies not picked up at this time amounting to less than $10 will be donated back to the Roxborough Agricultural Society.  

5. In the absence of competition in any section, or if the animals or articles exhibited are of inferior quality, the judges are instructed to award only such prizes as they think the animal or article is deserving. They will exercise their own discretion as to whether they will award first, second, third, or any prize.

6. Any member or agent who interferes with the judges in any way shall forfeit all his prizes.

7. In the livestock classes, each exhibitor shall be allowed a maximum of two prizes in each section of a class.

8. No exhibitor shall be allowed to receive more than one prize in the same section of a class except in the case of livestock (See Rule 7, above).

9. All agricultural products must be the growth of the present year and grown by the exhibitor, with the exception of forage and grain exhibits, which may be of the preceding year’s growth.

10. Exhibits of purebred stock must be accompanied by the pedigree, which must be produced at the time of showing.

11. Any exhibitor, having obtained a prize by willful or corrupt means, fraud or misrepresentation, shall forfeit all prizes for the current year.

12. All kinds of gambling will be strictly prohibited, and no gambling, circus or mountebank performance, or tents, goods, fruits, or wares, will be allowed within 300 yards of the Fairgrounds on Fair Days, as stated in the Agricultural Act.

13. The Directors shall have the power to deduct a percentage on premiums should the funds of the Society not be sufficient to meet payments in full.

14. All protests must be written and handed to the Treasurer on days of the Fair. Otherwise, they will not be accepted.

15. Whereas there is an amendment to the Agricultural Act, requiring all Societies, after their annual meeting, to send the Ministry, along with their reports, a list of sixty paid-up Members, therefore the following rule has been added: in the case of all exhibitors taking prizes of $5 and over, the Treasurer will retain the sum of $5 for membership for the ensuing year.

16. Reliable caretakers will be placed in charge of all articles exhibited in the Exhibition Hall. The Directors will take every possible precaution under the circumstances to ensure the safety of articles sent to the Fair, yet they wish to make it distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them, and should an article be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will give all the assistance in their power towards the recovery of the same, but will not make any payment for the value thereof.

17. In the absence of competition in any entire class, only one prize in each section will be awarded. This applies in the cattle and horse classes only.

18. Winners of merchandise prizes must claim the same no later than December 15 and, at the same time, accept merchandise from existing stock.

19. Cheques from the Society are to be cashed before December 15, or they will be forfeited.

20. The Board reserves the right to make amendments without prior public notice.

21. PRIVACY POLICY: The Roxborough Agricultural Society will use the information for registration and payment for the entries entered in the events at the Avonmore Fair and for the purpose of processing payment of prize monies and publication of the winners’ names in the media and to inform you of upcoming events related to the Roxborough Agricultural Society. By completing and submitting an entry form, the EXHIBITOR consents to the information in the form being used by the said parties, for the said purposes.

Fair Office Telephone: (613) 346-2252

The Annual Meeting of the Roxborough Agricultural Society to be held January 2023. See website for details.