Exhibition Hall


1. Any person can become a Member of the Roxborough Agricultural Society by paying the sum of $5 to the Treasurer on or before the Exhibition Day.
2. No dogs permitted on the grounds except for service dogs.
3. All cattle and horses are to be securely tied.
4. Exhibits must be removed from the Exhibition Hall between 4:00 and 4:30 Sunday afternoon (not before or after). Articles not picked up during this time are not the responsibility of the Roxborough Agricultural Society. Prize monies not picked up at this time amounting to less than $10 will be donated back to the Roxborough Agricultural Society.
5. In the absence of competition in any section, or if the animals or articles exhibited are of inferior quality, the judges are instructed to award only such prizes as they think the animal or article is deserving. They will exercise their own discretion as to whether they will award first, second, third, or any prize.
6. Any member or agent who interferes with the judges in any way shall forfeit all his prizes.
7. In the livestock classes, each exhibitor shall be allowed a maximum of two prizes in each section of a class.
8. No exhibitor shall be allowed to receive more than one prize in the same section of a class except in the case of livestock (See Rule 7, above).
9. All agricultural products must be the growth of the present year and grown by the exhibitor, with the exception of forage and grain exhibits, which may be of the preceding year’s growth.
10. Exhibits of purebred stock must be accompanied by the pedigree, which must be produced at the time of showing.
11. Any exhibitor, having obtained a prize by willful or corrupt means, fraud or misrepresentation, shall forfeit all prizes for the current year.
12. All kinds of gambling will be strictly prohibited, and no gambling, circus or mountebank performance, or tents, goods, fruits, or wares, will be allowed within 300 yards of the Fairgrounds on Fair Days, as stated in the Agricultural Act.
13. The Directors shall have the power to deduct a percentage on premiums should the funds of the Society not be sufficient to meet payments in full.
14. All protests must be written and handed to the Treasurer on days of the Fair. Otherwise, they will not be accepted.
15. Whereas there is an amendment to the Agricultural Act, requiring all Societies, after their annual meeting, to send the Ministry, along with their reports, a list of sixty paid-up Members, therefore the following rule has been added: in the case of all exhibitors taking prizes of $5 and over, the Treasurer will retain the sum of $5 for membership for the ensuing year.
16. Reliable caretakers will be placed in charge of all articles exhibited in the Exhibition Hall. The Directors will take every possible precaution under the circumstances to ensure the safety of articles sent to the Fair, yet they wish to make it distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them, and should an article be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will give all the assistance in their power towards the recovery of the same, but will not make any payment for the value thereof.
17. In the absence of competition in any entire class, only one prize in each section will be awarded. This applies in the cattle and horse classes only.
18. Winners of merchandise prizes must claim the same no later than December 15 and, at the same time, accept merchandise from existing stock.
19. Cheques from the Society are to be cashed before December 15, or they will be forfeited.
20. The Board reserves the right to make amendments without prior public notice.
21. PRIVACY POLICY: The Roxborough Agricultural Society will use the information for registration and payment for the entries entered in the events at the Avonmore Fair and for the purpose of processing payment of prize monies and publication of the winners’ names in the media and to inform you of upcoming events related to the Roxborough Agricultural Society. By completing and submitting an entry form, the EXHIBITOR consents to the information in the form being used by the said parties, for the said purposes.

Fair Office Telephone: (613) 346-2252

The Annual Meeting of the Roxborough Agricultural Society to be held January 26, 2019.
See website for details.

2019 Avonmore Fair Dates July 19-20-21, 2019

General Exhibition Hall Rules

1. All entries must be in place in the Exhibition Hall by 11:30 am Friday.
2. Exhibit items and entry form can also be placed in the Exhibition Hall on Thursday evening 7:00 – 8:00 pm.
3. All exhibitors must complete the entry form in the middle of this book (or copy of that form) and give it to the Home Craft Director, between 9:00 and 11:30 am on Friday.
4. Entries must have been labeled with tags provided by the Fair Board.
5. Vegetables to be exhibited on a plate or tray, provided by the exhibitor.
6. Exhibits must be removed from the Exhibition Hall on Sunday, between 4:00 and 4:30 pm.
7. All prize money for Fair Hall Exhibits can be picked up at the Fair Hall on Sunday when collecting exhibits at end of Fair. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to pick up their items and any prize money on Sunday. If they cannot make it, they must make their own arrangements to collect their things.
8. A pamphlet of rules for proper display of flowers is available at your local OMAFRA office.
9. See Rule # 15 of the Fair rules.

Commercial Feature Rules

1. Exhibitors must be members of the Roxborough Agricultural Society.
2. All classes can be either 2017 or 2018 crops.
3. Not more than one entry per farm per section.
4. Grain and forages to be exhibited in the plastic bags provided by the Fair.

Forage and Grain Exhibit

Stormont Farmers grow over $17 million worth of forage and grain crops annually. Because this production is significant to the county’s farm industry, Harvex and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food share in the awarding of prize money in these sections.

Class – Forage Exhibit

Section $15, 12, 10, 7, 6
1 First cut hay – at least 75% legume, 6″ flake
2 First cut hay – at least 75% grass, 6″ flake
3 First cut hay – mixed legume / grass 70% / 30% either way, 6″ flake
4 Second cut hay – at least 75% legume, 6″ flake
5 Second cut hay – mixed legume / grass 70% / 30% either way, 6″ flake
6 First cut Haylage, 10 lbs, must be ensiled
7 Corn silage, 10 lbs, must be ensiled

Class – Grain Exhibit

Section $15, 12, 10, 7, 6
1 Oats, 10 lbs.
2 Winter or Spring Wheat, Triticale, 10 lbs.
3 Barley, 10 lbs.
4 Shelled Corn, 10 lbs.
5 Soy Bean, 10 lbs.
6 Buckwheat, 10 lbs.
7 Red Clover, 6 lbs.
8 Timothy, 6 lbs.

Class – Forage and Grain Special

1 The exhibitor with the most points in the Forage Exhibits receives one case of grease from MacEwen Petroleum, Chesterville.
2 The exhibitor with the most points in the Grain Exhibits receives $40.00 from Harvex.
3 The exhibitor with the most points in the Forage and Grain Exhibits receives a Current Coin Set donated by RBC Royal Bank Agricultural Division.

Class – Vegetables

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Beans, 6 pods, with stem, green variety
2 Beans, 6 pods, with stem, yellow variety
3 Beets, 5, table use, 1/2″ stem left on
4 Broccoli, 2 heads on stems
5 Cabbage, 1 head
6 Carrots, five, 1/2″ stem left on
7 Chives, 1 bunch with roots
8 Collection of herbs, 3 varieties, labeled
9 Green Tomatoes, 3
10 Cucumber, slicing, two, 1/4″ stem left on
11 Garlic, bulbs, 3
12 Swiss Chard, stalks exhibited in water
13 Green Peppers, 3
14 Lettuce, leaf, 2, roots attached
15 Onions, green, bunch of 3
16 Onions, cooking, 3, 1/2″ stem left on, not peeled
17 Peas, regular green, 6
18 Peas, edible pod, 6
19 Potatoes, 5
20 Radishes, 5, 1/4″ stem left on
21 Rhubarb, 3, with calyx attached
22 Leeks, tops on, 3
23 Zucchini, 2
24 Tomatoes, cherry variety, ripe, 6
25 Any vegetable not listed, labeled
26 Tossed Salad – made from your garden – in a bowl 10″ or smaller – with homemade dressing on side and recipe attached.

The exhibitor with the most points in the Vegetables Class will receive gift certificate from Pommier Jewellers.

Flower Show Rules

1. Entry tags must be securely attached with elastic or string.
2. It is recommended that suitable (non-tip) containers be used. Plastic containers, such as Javex and detergent bottles, will not be judged.
3. All containers must be clean.
4. Potted plants must have been grown in pots in which they are exhibited.
5. Flower(s) may be exhibited with its own foliage; Remove buds.
6. Material for Flower Arranging may be obtained from any source; no artificial flowers permitted.

Class – Cut Flowers

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Dahlia, 3 blooms
2 Marigolds, small, 3 blooms
3 Petunia, hybrid single, 3 blooms
4 Cosmos, 3 stems, any colour (buds accepted)
5 Snapdragons, 3 spikes
6 Pansies, 3 blooms
7 Sunflower, one bloom
8 3 stems, any annual flower, not listed above, named
9 Monarda (bee balm), 3 stems
10 Miniature rose, any colour, 1 bloom in bud vase
11 Hosta, any colour, 3 leaves
12 Phlox, 3 stems, perennial
13 Rudbeckia, 3 stems
14 Roses, any kind, one spray or 3 blooms
15 Rose with foliage, floating in a glass bowl
16 Perennial, not listed, named, 3 stems

The exhibitor with the most points in Cut Flowers will receive a gift from Jamberry, donated by Melisa Donnelly-Quan.

Class – Flower Arrangement

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Cup and saucer arrangement
2 Create an arrangement in an unusual container

Class – Potted Plants

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Begonia
2 Geranium in bloom, any colour (new cutting)
3 Coleus, any variety
4 African violet in bloom
5 Potted ivy or any other vine
6 Potted house plant in bloom, not previously listed, named
7 Any house plant not previously listed, non-bloomer, named
8 Three house plants, any variety, on a tray, named
9 Impatiens, (New Guinea variety)
10 Window box with assorted plants, max. 24”
11 Cactus or succulent, 1 specimen

The exhibitor with the most points in Flower Arrangement and Potted Plants receives a one year subscription to Chesterville Record.

Class – Flower Show Specials

1 Patio Container (minimum of 2 varieties). 1st – gift certificate, Schulman Ltd., 2nd – $10
2 Patio Pot 12 inch diameter or less, 1st – $5, 2nd – $4, 3rd – $3
3 Hanging Basket. 1st – $10 gift certificate, 2nd – $10 gift certificate, 3rd – $5 gift certificate, all courtesy of Roy Florist

Baking Rules

1. All food to be placed in resealable clear plastic bags. NO twist ties. NO plastic wrap. Use disposable or plastic plates. NO glass. No Markers, doilies or Napkins on plates. Plates must fit easily into bags.
2. Entry tags must be securely attached with elastic, string or stapled.
3. Remove muffins and cupcakes from paper/foil baking cups.
4. Squares to be approximately 2″ x 2″ in size. Do NOT use corner pieces.
5. Baking Class requires one generous piece of pie only for judging.
6. All pies are to be made with double crust except where single crust is requested.
7. Follow the section description – No extras.

Note: If you are interested in knowing “what the judges look for,” a Judging Standards Booklet is available at your local OMAFRA office, or at www.ontariofairs.com.

Class – Baking

Section $5, 4, 3
1 Apple pie
2 Cherry pie
3 Strawberry-Rhubarb pie
4 Raisin pie
5 Raspberry pie
6 Pie Crust, in its baking dish
7 5 peanut butter cookies
8 5 gluten free cookies, with recipe attached
9 5 rolled oatmeal cookies
10 5 chocolate chip cookies
11 1/2 cranberry loaf
12 1 loaf of bread-machine bread, white
13 4 tea biscuits
14 4 blueberry muffins
15 4 bran muffins
16 4 banana muffins
17 4 butter tarts with raisins Winner of this section will advance to compete in District Competition.
18 4 date squares
19 1/2 glazed lemon loaf
20 1/2 banana loaf
21 1/2 zucchini loaf with raisins, no nuts
22 1/2 60% whole wheat bread loaf
23 1/2 loaf of bread-yeast-not listed-recipe included. (not bread machine)
24 3 chocolate brownies, not iced
25 3 pieces of chocolate fudge-no nuts
26 3 pieces of peanut brittle made in microwave
27 1 homemade baked pretzel
28 Fair Flops – Any failures in Baking!

The exhibitor with the most points in the Baking Section will receive a one year subscription to the Morrisburg Leader.

Class – Baking Specials

1 Cake Decorating-Theme “What’s in your garden?” This will be judged on appearance only. Cake and Decorations must be fully edible 1st $30, 2nd $20 Gift Certificate from Pommier Jewellers, 3rd $10.
2 Three single servings of homemade food products. 1st – $10, $5 to next three worthy entries
3 Apple Jelly Prepare twenty apples, boil them in a pint and a half of water, till quite tender, then strain the liquor through a colander; to every pint put a pound of fine sugar, add grated orange or lemon, then boil to a jelly. The Cook Not Mad, 1831. First prize: one-day pass for two to Upper Canada Village, and you may enter in this section at their Fall Fair, 2nd – $10.

Country Fair Baking Contest Rules

1. All entrants into the contest must submit entries that were made using the sponsor’s product and accompanied by the recipe.
2. A product label must accompany each entry as proof of purchase. Robin Hood flour will accept proof of purchase from any of J.M. Smuckers family of fine products including R.H. Old Mill Oats, and/or Crisco Shortening.
3. All entries will be judged on appearance, taste, texture and creativity of recipe and presentation. Decision of the judge will be final.
4. All first place winners must submit recipe, proof of purchase, photograph and signed release form giving permission to the sponsors for use of the winner’s name, recipe and/or photograph in any other advertising or publicity without payment.
5. For helpful ideas, visit www.robinhood.ca, www.criscocanada.com, and www.crosbys.com

Class – Country Fair Baking contest

1 Crisco Family Favourite Recipe 4 apple tarts using Crisco Shortening or Oil. 1st – $25 Product Certificate, 2nd – $10 Product Certificate.
2 Robin Hood Flour Family Favourite Recipe. Submit 1/2 of an iced double layer chocolate cake. 1st – $25 Product certificate, 2nd – $10 Product certificate.
3 Robin Hood Family “Best Lunchbox Snack” Contest: Homemade Chocolate Brownies (not iced). Submit 4 pieces, approx. 4cm square. 1st – $25.00 Product certificate, 2nd – $10 Product certificate

Crosby’s Molasses Co. Ltd. Baking Contest Rules apply.

First place winners will be entered into a national contest with a chance to win up to $250.

Class – Crosby’s Molasses Co. Ltd.

Section $8, 7, 5
1 5 cookies made with molasses (minimum of ¼ cup of molasses)
2 Cake made with molasses (including gingerbread):(minimum of ¼ cup of molasses)
3 BBQ sauce made with molasses (minimum of ¼ cup of molasses)

Bottled Goods Rules

1. Entries must be in standard jars.
2. Sealers must be sealed.
3. No wax.
4. Sealers which cannot be opened by judges will not be judged.
5. If you wish to be considered in the Bernardin specials, please use Bernardin Pectin and jars, and include the number (ie. 4/B2) on entry tag

Class – Bottled Goods

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Applesauce
2 Apple Jelly
3 Jelly, your choice, labeled
4 Strawberry Freezer Jam
5 Strawberry Jam
6 Diabetic Jam, any variety, recipe attached
7 Combination Jam (minimum 2 fruits), labeled
9 Chili Sauce – any type
10 Spaghetti Sauce, no meat
11 Dill Pickles
12 Relish, labeled
13 Pickled vegetable, your choice
14 Salsa
15 Pickled Beets
16 Pickles not listed, labeled

Bernardin Guidelines

1. All entries must be in Bernardin Mason jars properly sealed with visible Bernardin 2-piece Snap Lids (Regular or Elite lids are acceptable)
2. Must use Bernardin Pectin in jam/jelly entries, and must show proof of purchase – Bernardin Pectin package or UPC.
3. Winners’ names, addresses, photos, and signed release forms are required.
4. For helpful hints, visit www.homecanning.ca

Class – Bernardin

B1 Bernardin “Best of Show” Home Canning Award. Contestants must place first, second or third in Sections 1 through 16 of the Bottled Goods class. Judges’ choice of Best Home Canning Entry is chosen from among the qualifiers. Include section number on entry tag (eg. 4/B1) 1st – $30.00 gift certificate, plus ribbon.
B2 Bernardin Jam/Jelly Award (chosen from entries in the Bottled Goods Class). Judging will be based on appearance, taste, texture and recipe creativity. Include section number on entry (eg. 4/B2) 1st – $20.00 gift certificate, plus ribbon
B3 Bernardin Gift Pack Competition: Gift baskets may include additional components, i.e. snacks, candy or homemade craft items. Entries must include at least three filled Mason jars sealed with Bernardin/Elite Snap Lids. Any appropriate container can be used. 1st – $20.00 gift certificate, plus ribbon
B4 Bernardin Snap Lid/Mason Jar Craft Competition. Submit a decorative or functional homemade craft using a Bernardin Mason Jar(s) and/or 2 pieces snap lid(s) 1st – $20 gift certificate, plus ribbon

Amateur Winemaking Rules

1. All general rules of the RAS/Avonmore Fair apply.
2. All wines MUST be made by amateur winemakers.
3. No single wine may be entered into more than one section.
4. All wines will be opened for judging. The remaining wine will be disposed of and the bottles will be displayed over the fair weekend.

Class – Amateur Winemaking

Section $10, 8, 6
1 Red wine – made from scratch
2 White wine – made from scratch
3 Red wine – made from a kit
4 White wine – made from a kit

Home Craft Rules

1. Exhibitors must complete the entry form in the middle of this book and give it to the Home Craft Director on Friday before 11:30 am.
2. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor.
3. No straight pins (use safety pins).
4. The exhibitor may enter all classes but shall not enter more than one article in each section.
5. The exhibitor may exhibit an article only once. Articles seen a second time at the Fair will not be judged.
6. Judges of the Home Craft class are authorized by the Directors of the Society to disqualify all soiled, defaced or old work.

Class – Household Crafts

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Two place mats
2 Table centrepiece, knit or crocheted, 12″ or more, mounted
3 Cushion
4 Favourite unfinished article
5 Two tea towels, with needlework
6 Pair of oven mitts
7 Tea cosy
8 Two pot holders using left over yarn
9 Apron
10 Table Runner-not quilted
11 Afghan, Swedish Weaving, any size
12 Set of 3 crocheted appliques, unifying theme, mounted
13 Lap afghan, knitted or crocheted, approx. 36” x 40”
14 Afghan, knitted
15 Afghan, crocheted
16 Afghan, crib approx. 36″ x 45″
One prize: one-day pass for two to Upper Canada Village, and you may enter this exhibit in their Fall Fair. (Use the following materials and instructions)
Materials required: crochet hook size 4 (1mm), 9 (American), no. 20 crochet cotton.
Gauge: 2 ½ in (6.5 cm) = 30 rows

Chain 4
Row 1: 1ch, 1sc. into 1st chain, 3sc. into 2nd chain, 1 sc.
Row 2: 1ch, 1sc. into next 2 sc., 3 sc. into next sc., sc. into next 2sc,.
Row 3: 1ch, 1`sc. into next 3 sc., 3sc. into next sc., 1sc into next 3sc.
Row 4: “ “ “ “ 4sc., “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 4sc.
Row 5: “ “ “ “ 5 sc., “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 5sc.
Row:6 “ “ “ “ 6 sc., “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 6sc.
Row:7 “ “ “ “ 7sc., “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 7sc.
Row:8 “ “ “ “ 8sc., “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 8sc.

Continue the pattern and increasing in the centre sc until 30 rows have been worked.
Work 1dc, 1ch around the edge of square, (1dc, 1ch,1dc,1ch,1dc,1ch) in each corner. Join with a sl. st. into first dc. Break off thread.
Join squares together with sc. to make a mat 6 squares wide by 6 squares long. Make a 2-3 in (5-7.5 cm) fringe around the edge.
ch. chain
dc. double crochet
sl. st. slip stitch

Adapted from a pattern in “Peterson’s Magazine” by Mrs Jane Weaver (1861)

Class – Adult Wearing Apparel

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Pullover sweater, knitted
2 Slippers, knitted
3 Slippers, crocheted
4 Mitts, knitted
5 Pair of man’s work socks, knitted
6 Skirt, no zipper, unlined
7 Nightgown
8 Pajamas
9 Boxer shorts

Class – Children’s Wear (up to size 12)

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Baby set, 2 pieces, crocheted
2 Baby set, 2 pieces, knitted
3 Child’s toque & mittens, knitted or crocheted
4 Child’s jumper
5 Child’s pullover sweater, knitted or crocheted
6 Child’s party dress
7 One pair of slippers
8 Sleepwear
9 Vest

The exhibitor with the most points in Adult & Children’s Wear will receive a one year subscription to Chesterville Record.

Class – Crafts

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Plastic canvas article
2 Homemade Doll
3 Homemade toy, not a kit
4 Handmade jewelry, matched set of 2 (earrings and necklace, etc)
5 Picture, cross stitched, framed
6 Picture, needlepoint, framed
7 Wall hanging – not quilted
8 Decorative garden article
9 Decorated hat
10 Three different fridge ornaments
11 Pin cushion
12 Scrap book, 1 page
13 Ceramic article, painted
14 Album or picture frame, covered
15 Woodworking article-not from a kit
16 Stained Glass item
17 Small wood box-decorated
18 Door decoration
19 Artificial flower arrangement, plus extras
20 Welcome wreath or swag; must contain word “Welcome”

Class – Holiday Crafts

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Christmas stocking
2 Christmas tree decorations, three, mounted
3 Christmas tree skirt
4 Christmas wreath or swag
5 Christmas centerpiece
7 Advent calendar, ready to hang
8 Centrepiece, not Christmas
9 Door decoration, not Christmas
10 Halloween decoration, not for a door or centrepiece

The exhibitor with the most points in Crafts will receive a gift certificate from Pommier Jewellers, Cornwall.

Quilting Rules

1. If exhibiting a quilt, please attach quilt pattern name to entry tag. Indicate if the pattern is an original design by the exhibitor.
2. The handmade quilt from Section 1 judged “Best of Show” may go on to District and Provincial competitions. **Quilts to be measured on the perimeter. Total perimeter measurement to be a minimum of 324 inches or 822 cm
3. The machine quilt from Section 2 judged “Best of Show” may go on to the District and Provincial competitions. NOTE: the machine quilt must be solely made and machine quilted by the exhibitor. **Quilts to be measured on the perimeter. Total perimeter measurement to be a minimum of 192 inches or 480 cm.
4. Prize money for the sections are as follows: Section 1 – 1st – $25 donated by Joyce Dingwall, 2nd $15, 3rd $10, Section 2 – $25, $15, $10, Sections 3-9 – $10, $8, $5

Class – Quilting

1 Quilt, pieced and/or appliqued. Hand quilted, Total perimeter measured – see Rules.
2 Quilt, pieced and/or appliqued. Machine quilted, Total perimeter measured – see Rules.
3 Quilt, pieced and/or appliqued. Hand or machine quilted, single bed size approx. 60″x86″.
4 Quilt, pieced and/or appliqued hand quilted by a group, minimum size 72″x90″.
5 Quilt, baby/crib size, hand or machine quilted
6 Quilted Table Runner, hand or machine quilted
7 Quilt blocks, 3 different, mounted, able to see back.
8 Quilted Cheater block – crib size
9 Rag quilt, any size

Class – Home Craft Specials

1 The exhibitor with the most points in the Home Craft Division will receive a Gift Certificate from Pommier Jewellers, Cornwall.
2 The exhibitor collecting the most points, having exhibited in at least three of the following four classes: Culinary, Home Craft, Flowers, and Vegetables will receive a special prize.

Photography Rules

1. Photographs may be in colour or black & white.
2. Photographs must be regular print size (4×6 or 5×7).
3. Prints must be mounted on matte, black paper with a 1” border all around. No frames.
4. No staples. No photo corners.
5. All photos must have been taken by the exhibitor.
6. Only one entry per section.

Class – Amateur Photography

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 What a mess!
2 Bubbles
3 Sky at night
4 Misty morning
5 An unusual tree
6 Grandparent(s)
7 Winter fun
8 Splash!
9 Bad hair day
10 Manmade marvels
11 A photo of the Canada 150 tulip(s)
12 Canadian Wildlife

The exhibitor with the most points in Amateur Photography will receive a Photo Album.

Class – Photo Special

1 Collection of 4 photographs mounted as a unit. Topic: Avonmore Fair 2017 1st – $25, 2nd – $15, 3rd – $10. Prize money donated by Hazel Cameron.
2 Collage: Theme “Humorous photos with captions” 5 pictures mounted. Prize $10, 5, 3, 2.
3 Collection of 4 photographs mounted as a unit having an agricultural theme (Equipment, livestock, barns, crops, etc.) Prize $10, 5, 3

Class – Art Show

Section $5, 4, 3, 2
1 Oil painting, framed, with name covered
2 Acrylic painting, framed, with name covered
3 Painting in watercolours, framed
4 Charcoal sketch, mounted or framed
5 Pencil sketch, mounted or framed
6 Pen and ink drawing, mounted or framed

The exhibitor with the most points in Art Show will receive a special prize.

Youth Exhibit Rules

1. All articles must be in place in the Exhibition Hall before 11:30 am on Friday.
2. All entries must be made by the exhibitor (child).
3. No membership fee will be charged.
4. Only one entry per section but you can enter in as many sections in your age class as you wish.
5. Age to be calculated as of December 31 of the current calendar year.
6. All articles must be listed on an official entry form and handed to the Home Craft Director on show day. These entry forms can be obtained from the Home Craft Director, on or before show day or the middle of this book.
7. All articles must have entry tags on them, properly filled out. These tags can be obtained from the Home Craft Director, or at the Exhibition hall on Thursday evening or Friday morning of the fair.
8. You must remove your exhibits from the exhibition hall on Sunday, between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. Exhibitors may pick up their prize money and/or gifts at this time. If you are unable, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to collect your exhibits and prize money.
9. Digital – all entries become the property of the Roxborough Agricultural Society and will be used in promoting the Avonmore Fair.
10. Digital – entries can be submitted in person during the regular exhibition hall drop off times on Thursday evening, and Friday morning. At that time the files will be checked to ensure they work.
11. Digital – all entries will be featured in the Exhibition Hall during the course of the Avonmore Fair.
12. Please refer to the Baking Rules for the Youth Baking section.
13. No mixes please for the Youth Baking.
14. Prize money for Youth Baking will follow the same format as the Youth Exhibits.

Youth Exhibits

Class – 3 Years and Under

Section $3, 2, 1
1 Best Dressed Teddy Bear
2 Hand or Foot print art using child’s hand or foot
3 Colour a picture
4 Finger paint
5 A wildflower (weed) bouquet in a non-tip water container

Class – 4 to 5 Years (Including 5)

Section $3, 2, 1
1 Make a collage of “things at Avonmore Fair”
2 Make an animal using a toilet roll
3 Display 6 items found on a nature walk on a paper plate
4 Create a design using a bingo dabber or stamp
5 Make a sheep from cotton balls, mounted on paper
6 Your favourite collection of stickers

Class – 6 to 8 Years (Including 8)

Section $3, 2, 1
1 Design a treehouse, 8-1/2”x11”
2 Create a tissue box car, max. 1 box
3 Make a self portrait – hand drawn and coloured, 8-1/2”x11”
4 Draw and colour a picture about farming
5 Create a farm animal out of Lego, not from a kit
6 Popcicle stick creation

Class – 9 to 12 Years (Including 12)

Section $4, 3, 2
1 Show us your collection – mounted on a board 11”x17”
2 Make a collage of sport related pictures
3 Make a mason jar snowglobe, no larger than 500ml
4 Design a birthday card for a friend, max. 4”x5” when folded
5 Free-hand drawn team logo
6 Digital – submit a 30 second stop motion video

Class – All teens

Section $5, 4, 3
1 Make a pop bottle terrarium
2 Any article of origami
3 Create an article from duct tape
4 Make a drawing of your favourite super hero
5 One adult colouring page completed using any medium, mounted with a 2” black border
6 Design an avatar for yourself or a friend
7 Digital – submit a 30 second stop motion video

Each cash prize will also be worth its value in points. The winner with the most points in their age category will receive a special prize.

Class – Youth Baking

1 3 years and under – decorate a cookie, can be from a kit
2 4 to 5 years – Bake 3 chocolate chip cookies, display on a paper plate
3 6 to 8 years – 3 cupcakes on a paper plate, decorated for a birthday
4 6 to 8 years – Bake 3 chocolate chip muffins, displayed on a paper plate
5 9 to 12 years – “I make the best…”, baking, display 3 on a paper plate, identified on tag
6 9 to 12 years – Bake 4 sugar cookies, displayed on a paper plate
7 All teens – “I make the best…”, baking, display 4 on a plate, identified on tag
8 Youth Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition. Open to 10 – 15 years old (as of Dec 31, of the current year). Submit 4 cookies. Cookies no larger than 3 inch, no smaller than 2”. Winner of this section will advance to compete in District Competition

Class – All Youth Special, sponsor by Bryce Robinson

Theme: What’s in your garden?

Section $5, 4, 3, 2, 1
1 3 years and under – decorate a CD wind spinner
2 4 to 5 years – make a bird feeder
3 6 to 8 years – make a set of wind chimes
4 9 to 12 years – make a fairy house
5 All teens – design your ideal garden, doesn’t need to be a vegetable garden, 8-1/2”x11”

Class – Story Writing and Poster Specials, sponsored by The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Company

1 For elementary school students grades 5 to 8 in Stormont County: Describe and/or Draw your family’s Fire Escape Plan. Prize $5, $4, $3, $2 and $1 each for the next 6 entries.
2 For all elementary school students, create a computer generated poster promoting the Avonmore Fair, must include the fair date. (use your imagination!) Prize $5, $4, $3, $2 and $1 each for the next 6 entries.
3 Hand-drawn poster, Theme: “Promoting Avonmore Fair”
TWO CLASSES: 3A) Youth up to Grade 6, 3B) Youth Grade 7 to Grade 12
Poster size: Minimum – 8 1/2”x11” to a Maximum – 12”x 18”. Mounted to give a 2” black border. Prize $10, $4, $3, $2 and $1 each for the next 6 entries. First Place poster will be eligible for further competitions.

Class – Avonmore Fair Colouring Contest, sponsored by Ross & Shayla Fraser

Please find the 2018 image in the middle of the Avonmore Fair Fair Book or on our website www.avonmorefair.ca

Section $5, 4, 3, 2, 1
1 3 years and Under
2 4 to 6 years
3 7 to 10 years

Class – Line Drawing Contest, sponsored by Ross & Shayla Fraser

1. Drawing to be used for the 2019 Avonmore Fair Colouring Contest
2. Theme: Christmas in July
3. Open to all children ages 11 to 18 of the current calendar year
4. The drawing must be suitable to be used for a colouring contest
5. All entries become the property of the RAS and will only be used for promoting the fair
6. First place will be awarded $50 and be featured in our 2019 Fair Book. A runner up will also be chosen and awarded $25.

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