Baby Show

Baby Show

No entry fee required.

Please register in North Stormont Place.  30 min in advance

Open to all babies up to 18 months old.

Each baby winning a first prize will be awarded an attractive rosette compliments of the Roxborough Agricultural Society.


Babies 0 to 6 Months

Section    $5   $3   $2

B1. Youngest baby

B2. Best Look Alike (like family member)

B3. Rosiest cheeks

B4. Chubbiest baby

B5. Biggest smile


Babies 7 to 12 Months

Section  $5   $3   $2

B6. Best Look Alike (like family member)

B7. Fairest hair

B8. Curliest hair

B9. Biggest dimples

B10. Biggest smile


Babies 13 to 18 Months

Section  $5   $3   $2

B11. Best Look Alike (like family member)

B12. Fairest hair

B13. Curliest hair

B14. Biggest dimples

B15. Biggest smile

Special: Open to all ages, Baby Crawl, fastest baby to their parents call.